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Car Rental Suzuki Vitara 4WD Car Rental Kenya, Suzuki Vitara/ Suzuki Escudo 4x4, 4WD Hire ..

Kenya  Suzuki Vitara/ Suzuki Escudo 4x4

Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 5 forward / automatic with manual select 4WD.
Extras: Power windows, power steering, air conditioning, electric fuel injection (EFI).
Usage: Urban, All road surface
Advantage: Good ground clearance

Car Hire terms and conditions of our Kenya car hire contract

4by4 Car Hire Kenya  & Car Rental - Expert advice for your Car Rental booking in Kenya

4by4 car hire kenya  Booking Terms and Conditions

The hirer and/or authorized driver must have held a full and valid driving license for a minimum of 3 years up-to and including the time of hire and that of license. A driving license from the country of residence or an International Driver's Permit is generally acceptable, provided valid as above.

The hirer and/or authorized driver must be over 23 years of age and under 70 years of age. The hirer and/or authorized driver must also be in possession of a proper means of identification other than a driver's license.

All our vehicles are Comprehensively insured but in all cases, the hirer is responsible for repairs arising from damage to the vehicle during his/her period of hire. The Company shall not be liable for any CLAIM for damage or loss arising out of the use of the Motor Vehicle to the hirer or any other person whatsoever. Windscreen and broken glass + loss of Tyres and tools are the responsibility of the hirer.

By prior arrangement vehicles may be taken to neighbouring countries; Provided the geographical area is covered by our insurers. Necessary documentation is available on request at an additional cost.

Full payment for the period of hire based on estimate plus a refundable deposit (To be advised on choice of vehicle).

The hirer must be in possession of proper means of identification other than his / her driving licence. Credit cards are NOT accepted BUT we assist our clients to get cash direct from the banks such us Barclays, Commercial etc.

The hirer shall return the Motor Vehicle on the due date and time as agreed at the time of hire. The company reserves the right to repossess the vehicle or report it stolen should it not be returned by the due date and time and NO information given by the hirer.

We reserve the right to decline any hire without giving a reason.

Chauffeur driven rates are applicable during working hours (6.00 am - 6pm ).


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